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leRoy Jenkins Limited Spring/Summer 2008

Spring 2008 CollectionAuthority had gone mad. Protests became battles. Activism eventually spawned results. May 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the Paris student riots of 1968, a movement for sweeping social change. Confrontational yet influential graphics covered the Paris streets while the battle between students and riot police intensified. This activist art and the overall climactic period were key inspirations for LeRoy Jenkins spring/summer 2008 collection.LeRoy Jenkins designs for the versatile male with artistic sensibility, capable of or adapted for change. Charismatic jackets, detailed knits, shorts and pants represent the highly climactic time through the use of imagery and color. Designers Ron Upperman and Upendo Taylor created the eclectic color palette during their latest trip to Paris. Inspired by personal experiences, the original designs from this New York based independent company are constantly revolutionizing the industry.Joining forces, LeRoy Jenkins and Royal Elastics continue to evolve their collective efforts on their second footwear collaboration, the LeRoyal 2. This printed canvas and perforated-suede mid is dropping March 2008 with a limited run of 360 pairs, each embroidered with the individual pair number. Offering head-to-toe street riot gear, Leroy Jenkins allows you to explore, create and express yourself. As we revolutionize the industry, be prepared – it’ time for a change. Fo shizzle.jason_1.jpg


LeRoy Jenkins Limited 2008